Renewable Energy

About Wind

Wind Power in New England is a series of fact sheets produced by RENEW member Union of Concerned Scientists that describes the economic and environmental benefits wind power can bring to New England residents and businesses, and the important role it can play in reducing the impact of global warming on our ecosystems and communities. For more information visit Wind Power in New England and see also Tapping into Wind Power.

While renewable energy has important contributions to make to improve human health and the environment, many have questions about the impact of wind turbines. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health tasked an independent expert panel to review potential health concerns related to wind turbines. The panel released its report in 2012. RENEW issued a response to the report addressing the key findings.

About Solar

The paper Solar Power on the Rise: The Technologies and Policies behind a Booming Energy Sector by Union of Concerned Scientists explains how solar is a clean, reliable, and increasingly affordable source of energy that is experiencing remarkable growth across the U.S.

About Hydro

The movement of water to generate electricity, known as hydroelectric power, is the largest source of renewable power in the United States and worldwide.